About Us
What We Do
  • Provide year-round individualized education programming for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders.
  • Meet the needs of individuals who display profound and challenging behaviors that cannot be supported in a traditional school setting.
  • Provide services in a small structured environment.
  • Coordinate a multi-disciplinary treatment team of professionals necessary to support students’ needs and ensure that all team members are working collaboratively toward individualized¬† educational goals.
  • Implement empirically supported interventions while following the least restrictive treatment model to replace maladaptive behaviors with functional replacement skills.
  • Promote independence by building each student’s skill repertoire with a focus on identifying pre-requisite skills that are necessary to improving quality of life.
  • Enable students’ integration in their communities to the extent most beneficial for each individual.
  • Prepare students by teaching and practicing functionally appropriate replacement behaviors and skills necessary to be successful in the least restrictive environment that meets their educational needs.
  • Provide training in employment and life skills for students who are 14 years of age and over, optimizing each student’s individualized strengths and interests and building upon their current skill repertoire.
  • Select¬† and apply methods that promote generalization across all settings (home, school and community).
  • Collaborate with parents/guardians of¬† students through daily communication, while providing on-going parent training on specific methods/interventions/strategies used to educate and support their children.
  • Ensure a smooth and successful transition for students preparing for re-entry to their home school district.