School District LEAs/Special Education Directors make referrals to Hogan Learning Academy by making the initial contact with Hogan Learning Academy’s Director of Education to determine if a vacancy exists in the classroom that would meet the needs of the student. Hogan Learning Academy Education Director & the School District LEA/Special Education Director discuss the following information:
  • Does the student have an Autism Spectrum Disorder?
  • What are the primary symptoms of the disability that impede learning for this student?
  • Does the student have any other co-existing diagnosis (ie: Mental Health Issues or Intellectual and Developmental Disability)?
  • Does the student have any special medical needs?
  • Briefly, what is the educational/medical history of this student prior to seeking this placement?
  • For what reason is the student being referred out to a specialized school? What lead to the IEP team's decision that the student needs a licensed, private facility to best meet his/her needs?

If the Director of Education anticipates that the referred student meets the criteria for enrollment and Hogan Learning Academy has the ability to meet the student's individual needs, the Director of Education will provide the referring school district with a formal request to review the student's most recent IEP, including up to date Progress Notes, the most recent Evaluation Report/Re-evaluation Report, and any Behavioral Incident Reports in which the student was involved that occurred within the last calendar year.

Hogan Learning Academy’s multidisciplinary Enrollment Assessment Committee (which includes the Director of Education, Clinical Coordinator, anticipated classroom teacher and respective related service providers that are anticipated to be providing services should the student enroll) review these documents to ensure that Hogan Learning Academy could potentially meet the needs of the student. If the documents indicate needs that could be reasonably met by Hogan Learning Academy, the Director of Education schedules and conducts an observation of the student in his/her current placement and interviews current staff regarding the student's needs.

Following the completion of the previously outlined enrollment process (initial intake, multidisciplinary review of records, observation in current environment), Hogan Learning Academy Director of Education extends an invitation to the student and family to visit Hogan Learning Academy for a 2 hour observation trial. During this visit, the student receives a tour & participates with one or more classrooms that are being considered as a potential placement for the student. Hogan Learning Academy Director of Education and/or Clinical Coordinator support the student through this trial visit to help determine if this continues to be a placement that could meet the student's specific, individual needs.

Following the completion of the enrollment process outlined above, Hogan Learning Academy Director of Education makes a final decision on whether Hogan Learning Academy is capable of meeting the student's needs. If the placement is deemed appropriate, a verbal invitation to officially enroll at Hogan Learning Academy is extended to the District LEA/Special Education Director, a contract is developed and signed by Hogan Learning Academy and a school district representative; Once the contract is approved and signed, an IEP Team review meeting is held at Hogan Learning Academy in order to prepare for the student's arrival. During this meeting, the multidisciplinary team’s service package will be outlined for the IEP team. This will include an overview of multidisciplinary assessments and procedures that are necessary in order to effectively support the student, a time line for completion of the assessments and a date (within 30-45 days of the initial IEP review meeting) in which the assessment results and recommended support package for the student will be reviewed and discussed. At this time the IEP team will re-convene and present the assessment results, collaborate on any necessary revisions to the student’s existing IEP and revisit the appropriateness of placement.

A student can typically start within 48 hours of the initial IEP Team review meeting. District representatives and parents of potential students are welcome to call the school at any time for a tour that can be scheduled with Hogan Learning Academy Director of Education or Clinical Coordinator.

However, should parents call without a referral from the home school district, Hogan Learning Academy Director of Education requests that the parent to speak with his/her student's School District Special Education Director prior to scheduling a tour.

Hogan Learning Academy aims to serve the needs of the local districts in regard to children who are not able to have their educational needs met in a less restrictive setting. Hogan Learning Academy Director of Education, nor any other Hogan Learning Academy employee, does not encourage or participate in litigious activities on behalf of the families who pursue a placement at Hogan Learning Academy without the support of their district.